Mobile Fingerprinting

Your business may a policy or legal requirement to document certain employee information. One of the challenges to such a policy may be to organize and collect data, such as fingerprints in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our mobile fingerprinting services offer professional on-site solutions for your company. At San Diego Livescan, we are ready to come to your office or place of business to take care of the job in one visit.

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We provide the necessary equipment to capture the clearest and cleanest images possible for secure and accurate background checks, including the scanner and applicant cards.


Our experienced staff travels to your operation with everything necessary in order to scan your entire staff in one visit, saving you valuable time.


Preparation is key. Proper identification is required to complete the application and initiate an investigation. Accepted forms of identification include State or out-of-state ID or driver’s license, passport, military ID.